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Fighting for Equality

Green Workers Alliance stands firmly against any form of discrimination and fights for workers faced with this injustice. If we are to win environmental justice, the green industry cannot be a place of workplace inequality. If you've experienced discrimination on the job, contact us.


Winning Better Pay and Benefits

Green Workers Alliance works to improve employee pay and benefits. Far too often, green workers face abuses like wage theft. We address this issue head-on through campaigns to mobilize workers, using every means at our disposal. If you've worked on a job where the employer has withheld pay or committed other abuses, contact us.


Promoting Safety Over Profit

Safety must be a top concern at all worksites, rather than profit or the timeline of a project. We mobilize green workers to win stronger protections, educate them about their rights on the job, and connect them with training programs that emphasize safe practices.



Pay Us What You Owe Us, C2 Logistics!

C2 logistics solutions must be held accountable for paying on what they promised their workers! Jim Clark and upper management are making a fortune by ripping off every day people! We are not asking for anything more than the company promised when we came to work!

Green New Deal

Green Workers Alliance supports policies that expands the green industry and sustainable practices. The Green New Deal does that by providing government investment in clean energy and other industries that fight climate change.