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Green Workers Alliance

We bring together workers in a wide range of green jobs to advocate for policies that both fight climate change and increase the number of good, clean jobs.  We are currently focused on organizing solar and wind workers on utility-scale projects. 

There are more than  400,000 jobs in the clean energy sector alone, more than in the entire fossil fuel industry. But until now, there's not been a unified voice for green workers.

All green workers--and anyone who wants to work in this sector--are welcome to join. We will need the combined forces of those who do the work now and those who want good, green jobs to win the kind of dramatic changes we need.

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GWA members featured in Vice story on solar industry

In this in-depth story, GWA

members talked about the tough conditions in the solar field for travelers and what we are doing to improve them!


GWA members meet with supporters in NYC

GWA supporters gathered for an exciting reception at the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice in NY. Solar workers Serina Moreno, Josh Dixon and Felicia Allen talked about the dire conditions in the sector and why they got involved in GWA to make change.


Winning justice on the job

GWA members have helped workers facing sexual harassment and wage theft at utility-scale wind and solar sites. Reach out if you are facing issues on the job.

Installing a Solar Cell on a Roof, Shadow image.jpg

Helping green workers navigate the job market

GWA offers workers rights trainings and tips on job applications for workers in the renewable energy field who are too often on their own

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